Young Investigators




EORS 2015 recognizes the importance of Young Investigators for the future of orthopaedics research. The Scientific Committee have chosen to fallow the traditional Young Investigators Activities by offering the following opportunities:


We are pleased to inform you about the Young Investigator Activities that will take place at the EORS 2015 meeting at Bristol.

Take advantage of these opportunities that aim to help and motivate young researchers to improve their networking and interaction with experts in the field and to foster professional development!


A Young Investigators is defined by EORS as persons who are employed by an academic institution in any field of Orthopaedic Research, who have been awarded their doctoral degree or residency within the past 5 years and who are not holding an appointment as a faculty or academic staff in a University/Research Institute



Dedicated Young-Investigator awards

A dedicated board composed by IY and senior delegates form the EORS will select the best podium presentation and poster for the Young-Investigator Award


Previous Winners:

Julia Blackburn



Meet-a-Mentor section

Wednesday, 2nd September, 17.00-18.00


The Meet-a-Mentor section at EORS2015 gives YIs the opportunity to talk with a mentor, including Keynote speakers. For the EORS 2015 Meet-a-Mentor section we plan to have 5 prominent and established mentors. Students and young investigators will be organized in small groups – approximately 5 YIs - with each Mentor and have their questions answered in a relaxed and open discussion.


The section Mentors are:

•Paul Baker

•Andrew Judge

•Matt Costa

•Jeya Palan

•Florelle Gindraux


YI will be assigned to tables based on their mentor preferences.



Young-Investigator Co-Chair

We are pleased to announce that EORS YIs have been selected to serve as co-moderators for the scientific sessions at the EORS2015 Meeting



Young-Investigator Social event: Music Aperitif

Wednesday, 2nd September, 19-30-Late


Wednesday evening is chance to all the young Investigator attendee to spend time together drinking beers and have pizza at Zero Degrees.

Young Investigator will be invited to have free bears and pizza.